Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Sponsorship Nights

Experience the magic of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan like never before with our exclusive Sponsorship Night package. Picture your guests and you immersed in the transformative power of Shakespeare’s tales, right on the enchanting banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

This evening offers the unique opportunity to rent out the entire Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival site for a private performance. Imagine having one of our mainstage shows performed solely for your audience, creating a truly intimate and memorable experience. Whether you’re looking to inspire your team, impress clients, or celebrate with friends and family, Sponsorship Night is designed to leave a lasting impression.

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Shout out

Enhance your evening with our Shout-Out package. Enjoy a top-tier theatrical performance and a personalized shout-out for you and your guests.

Make a bulk ticket purchase at our group discount rate + $500.00 for a personalized shout out from Artistic Director Kayvon Khoshkam. Your organization will also receive our Tier 5 Sponsorship benefits.

  • Name recognition inside our festival program.

Buy out

Our Buy-Out package includes a full site rental for your event, plus a private performance. Begin with drinks at Sir Toby’s, and post-show, celebrate under the stars.

For a contribution of $15,000.00 you will receive a full site rental + a private performance of one of our mainstage productions. Your organization will also receive our Tier 2 Sponsorship Benefits.

  • Logo recognition inside Festival Program on our sponsorship level page
  • Logo recognition on our website homepage with link to your website
  • Logo recognition on our website sponsors’ page with link to your website
  • On site Name recognition on digital screens in Box Office and Bar
  • 6 complimentary tickets (valid in July)

Stand out

On top of everything our Buy-Out package offers, we will elevate your experience with catering, drink tickets, and more.

 Please contact our Festival Manager through the form below for details regarding the Stand Out Package, or for booking inquiries regarding any of our Sponsorship Night packages. 

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