Rent Our Site!


We are happy to announce that Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s new Festival Site is available for rental bookings! 

We offer a beautiful location on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River with a gorgeous patio to catch all the great River views, areas for setting up your event (whatever it may be!) and a capacity to invite all of your friends (and probably their friends, too)! 

The site could be used for, but not limited to:

  • Wedding Ceremonies

    Shakespeare always loved a good wedding! Why not celebrate your special day overlooking the South Saskatchewan River?

  • Concerts

    Are you ready to rock? Our site is the perfect location for an outdoor concert of any size, genre, or length!

  • Special Cultural Events

    At SOTS we value all groups that reside, live, work, and play within Saskatoon. Consider renting our site for any and all special cultural event your group may be planning!

  • Recreational Programming

    Does your company, group, school, or club need an outdoor space to host an event? Our site is the perfect location for all your recreational programming needs!

  • Your Own Great Event!

    Contact us today to learn how we can help make your event GREAT!

Please note

There are terms and conditions that may apply and that there are limited rental dates available during our Festival Season


Please e-mail our Production and Site Manager for rates, more information, and to book!

we look forward to working with you to have your event realized on our beautiful riverfront location!

Photo by PCL

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