The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo + Juliet — EXPLAINED!


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Jul 04 - Aug 20

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of ROMEO + JULIET

Directed by Kayvon Khoshkam

Venue: Amphitheatre

PREVIEWS July 4th, 5th, & 6th



Presented by SaskTel



The play begins with a fight that breaks out between two feuding, powerful families – the Capulets and the Montagues.

The fight is then broken up by Prince Escalus, who orders the Capulets and the Montagues to relinquish their disputes. He warns that if anyone from either family ignores his orders they will be executed.

Benvolio looks for his friend and cousin, Romeo Montague, but finds him in a state of distress. Romeo tells Benvolio that he is in love with Rosaline, but she doesn’t love him in return.

The Capulets are throwing a masquerade ball later that evening, and Romeo, Benvolio, and their friend Mercutio decide to go. Benvolio hopes that Romeo will fall in love with another woman, whereas Romeo goes because Rosaline will be there.

Meanwhile, Juliet is worried she will be forced to marry Count Paris. While Lady Capulet believes Juliet to be too young to marry just yet, Lady Capulet and Juliet’s Nurse attempt to convince Juliet that Paris would be a good husband.

At the ball, Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. They share a passionate kiss together before finding out each other’s identities. They become separated from one another. Meanwhile, Tybalt, a member of the Capulet house, sees Romeo and becomes offended at his attendance.


Romeo and Juliet meet later that night in the now-famous balcony scene and profess their love. The two decide to marry each other the next day. Romeo enlists the help of Friar Lawrence to marry the two of them.

While Romeo sends a message to Juliet through her Nurse, telling her to meet him at Friar Lawrence’s that afternoon so they can be married, Tybalt is prowling the streets of Verona, set on challenging Romeo to a duel to the death.

The two lovers meet at Friar Lawrence’s, where he oversees their marriage vows.



Tybalt finds Romeo and challenges him. Romeo refuses, as he is now related to Tybalt by marriage. Mercutio, angry at Romeo for his perceived cowardice, fights Tybalt instead. Romeo gets in the way of the swordfight, leading to Mercutio being fatally stabbed by Tybalt. In revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt before fleeing the scene. The Prince arrives to find both his cousin, Mercutio, and the young Tybalt dead. Instead of sentencing Romeo to death, he banishes him from Verona forever.

Romeo is hiding in Friar Lawrence’s cell when he hears the news of his exile. He is convinced by Friar Lawrence to flee to a neighboring town and wait for things to settle down in Verona. Before he leaves, he visits Juliet in order to consummate their marriage.

Paris once more asks Lady Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage. Thinking that a wedding may help to cheer everyone’s grief from losing Tybalt, Lady Capulet agrees for the two to be married in three days. When Lady Capulet tells Juliet this, she refuses. Lady Capulet threatens to disown Juliet if she does not go through with the marriage. Juliet’s Nurse suggests forgetting about Romeo and marrying Paris anyways, but Juliet decides to visit Friar Lawrence instead.


Friar Lawrence devises a plan for Juliet to avoid her having to marry Paris: he will provide her with a potion that will make it look like she has died. He then plans to tell Romeo the truth so that when Juliet wakes up, Romeo will be there and the two can flee Verona together.

Juliet goes home and agrees to the wedding. Overjoyed, Lady Capulet moves the date of the wedding up to the next day, which forces Juliet to take the potion a day early. She immediately falls unconscious after consuming the potion and appears dead.

When her body is discovered, Juliet’s funeral is hastily planned for that day. She is buried in the Capulet family tomb.


Friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo telling him that Juliet has only faked her death never reaches him, and instead Romeo hears of Juliet’s passing from his servant. Believing it to be true, Romeo procures poison and returns to Verona with the intention of killing himself at Juliet’s family tomb. Friar Lawrence attempts to intercept him at Juliet’s tomb.

Paris visits Juliet’s grave and encounters Romeo. Enraged that he is there, Paris draws his sword against him. A fight ensues, and Romeo kills Paris.

Romeo takes the potion and dies. Juliet awakens to find Romeo dead. Friar Lawrence attempts to make her leave with him, but she refuses. He exits the tomb after hearing something, and Juliet uses Romeo’s dagger to kill herself.

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