As You Like It — EXPLAINED!!!


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Jul 13 - Aug 19

As you Like It

Directed by Jamie King

Venue: Ampitheatre


PREVIEWS July 13th, 14th & 15th





The play begins with Celia tries to comfort her cousin, Rosalind, who is distraught over the banishment of their father, they are joined by the clown Touchstone and together go looking for sport. 

At a cafe, Orlando is standing up to his brother, Oliver, for mistreating him the past few years. After the death of their father, Oliver was given all of his assets but has chosen not to share those with Orlando. To calm his younger brother down, Oliver agrees to give him some of what he wants.

After Orlando leaves, Charles, a wrestler, arrives to discuss his match against Orlando with Oliver. Seeing this as an opportunity not to have to share his wealth, Oliver succeeds in convincing Charles to kill Orlando in the fight. Charles agrees and also tells Oliver of the recent news at court: Duke Senior has been exiled, usurped by his brother, Duke Frederick.

Celia, Rosalind and Touchstone arrive at the wrestling match, where Orlando beats Charles in the match, and it is revealed that Orlando is the youngest son of the deceased Sir Rowland de Bois – who had been a friend of Duke Senior and an enemy of Duke Frederick. Duke Frederick becomes enraged at the sight of his enemy’s son and leaves the match immediately. Rosalind and Orlando fall in love with one another.

Duke Frederick banishes Rosalind from court. Celia devises a plan for the two of them to escape together into the forest of Arden in search of Rosalind’s father. They decide to take their jester, Touchstone, along with them. In order to avoid detection, the two agree to disguise themselves. Celia dresses as a young shepherdess named Aliena, and Rosalind calls themselves Ganymede, dressing and identifying as a man.


Duke Frederick is enraged that Celia and Rosalind managed to escape the court. He is told that the cousins were heard discussing Orlando. Thinking that the young man can lead him to his daughter and cousin, Duke Frederick demands that Oliver find Orlando.

Adam warns Orlando to flee the court, but Orlando tells Adam he has no money to go anywhere. Adam gives him all his money and tells him that they will escape into the forest of Arden together.

Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone arrive in the forest and buy a cottage, a flock of sheep, and pastures that were for sale by a master who employed a number of shepherd and shepherdesses, including Silvius, Corin, Phebe, and Audrey.

Adam collapses in the forest with Orlando from lack of food. Orlando says that he will be back with food. He comes across Duke Senior who is eating a meal with his men. The Duke invites the young man to eat with them, and Orlando goes to get Adam.


Oliver tells Duke Frederick he has been unable to find his brother. Duke Frederick tells Oliver he has only one year to bring his brother back to the court, dead or alive. If he fails to accomplish this task, Duke Frederick says, Oliver will be banished as well.

In the forest, Orlando is writing love poems for Rosalind and leaves them on trees. Rosalind finds them and reads the poorly written poems aloud for Corin and Touchstone. Rosalind then overhears Orlando admit to Jacques that he is in love with Rosalind. When Jacques leaves, Rosalind comes out of their hiding spot and introduces themselves to Orlando as Ganymede. Ganymede claims that he has seen terrible poetry written on the trees, and that he knows how to help Orlando. Orlando begs for Ganymede’s help, and Ganymede agrees.

Corin tells Rosalind and Celia to come watch Silvius attempt to woo Phebe. They agree, and Rosalind, still disguised as Ganymede, arrives to support Silvius from Phebe, who is being harsh towards his advances. Instead, Phebe falls in love with Ganymede.



Rosalind begins teaching Orlando how to woo someone else. When they are alone with Celia, Rosalind admits they are also in love with Orlando.

Rosalind and Celia overhear Silvius attempting to woo Phebe. Rosalind, still disguised as Ganymede, arrives to support Silvius from Phebe, who is being harsh towards his advances. Instead, Phebe falls in love with Ganymede.

Silvius arrives to deliver a letter to Ganymede from Phebe. It’s a love letter, and Rosalind returns this with another letter, telling Phebe that Ganymede wishes for her to love Silvius.

Just then, Oliver enters, telling the group that he was sleeping in the forest when Orlando saved him from being killed by a lioness. Oliver no longer wants his brother dead after he saved his life, but Orlando was left severely wounded from the encounter and may not survive.


Orlando recovers, and Oliver tells Orlando that he is in love with Aliena. He gives Orlando all his money, vowing instead to live in the forest with Aliena. Orlando tells Ganymede that he is bitter over his brother’s happiness, but Ganymede tells him not worry because Orlando will marry Rosalind when Oliver marries Aliena. Ganymede then addresses Silvius and Phebe and urged Phebe once again to love Silvius. Ganymede invites the two to the double wedding, promising that they will be married as well.

At the wedding, Rosalind reveals to their father and Orlando that they are both Ganymede and Rosalind, the child of the banished Duke and Orlando’s love. Orlando marries Rosalind, Oliver marries Celia, Silvius marries Phebe, and Touchstone marries Audrey and the group celebrates.

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