2023 Festival Season

Jul 04 - Aug 20

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo + Juliet

Directed by Kayvon Khoshkam

Venue: Amphitheatre

PREVIEWS July 4th, July 5th & July 6th | OPENING NIGHT July 7th | CLOSING NIGHT August 20th

“What light through yonder window breaks?”

One of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies will electrify our stage in a visual feast as two young lovers are caught between their two rival households. Can love conquer over hate? Artistic Director, Kayvon Khoshkam, with his first Shakespeare production for SOTS, brings classic style and contemporary influences together to make a Romeo + Juliet for all time.

July 13 - Aug 19

As You Like It

Directed by Jamie King

Venue: Ampitheatre

AS YOU LIKE IT | By William Shakespeare | Directed by Jamie King

PREVIEWS July 13th, 14th, and 15th | OPENING NIGHT July 15th | CLOSING NIGHT August 19th

“We that are true lovers run into strange capers.”

In Arden forest, society’s rules of conformity are off and the players discover what love truly can be in this beloved comedy. Director, Jamie King, takes As You Like It forward to present-day in this joyous exploration of identity and love.

July 06 - July 23

World Premier: The Dark Lady

Directed by Rodrigo Beilfuss

Venue: The John Rayner Community Stage


“Write me a woman who fights for what she wants.”

Emilia Bassano, known as the possible woman behind the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s sonnets, was actually one of England’s first female published poets. She was also trilingual, mixed race, and a force to be reckoned with. The Dark Lady collides these two poets together as they wrestle with artistic collaboration, ambition, envy and love. An entanglement that will profoundly shape both their lives and their work. Jessica B. Hill’s first play, The Dark Lady, helps us understand and challenge our love of Shakespeare through Bassano’s lens.

Co-Produced with Shakespeare in the Ruins