Festival Site

Our Festival Site is OPEN to the public!

Our festival site is usually open to the public from 6am to 11pm daily unless closed for a specific performance or private event.  Please enjoy the site safely and respectfully while you follow COVID-19 protocols posted on signage at all three site entrances and throughout the site.

Welcome to Treaty 6 Territory and Homeland of the Metis! You’ll find us located in the heart of Saskatoon on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River across the street from Nutrien Playland, near the new Nutrien Wonderhub, and just down the path from our friends at Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruises. Nestled between the riverbank and a grove of luscious mature trees, our site is the perfect evening getaway for an evening of theatre, or a drink by the riverbank.  Read our reviews on tripadvisor, or see how we compare with other local attractions on travelmag.


There are a few different places to park in the summer during the festival season: 

City Hospital’s parking lot is usually the easiest option for parking during our summer season, as the lot is available for our patrons after 6:00pm and has enough spots to accommodate most festival patrons. The other three options tend to fill up fast with Nutrien Playland’s and Nutrien Wonderhub’s popularity, so be sure to check City Hospital first before moving on to another option.  Also remember that beginning in July 2021 you can drop people off at our gates and then continue on to another parking lot if this one is full.


Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s mandate is to be accessible to all; as such, our festival site is accessible for patrons with mobility considerations. Special seating is also available for patrons with mobility issues. For more information on accessibility please call our office at 306-653-2300.

Partners in the Area

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is located in close proximity to a number of other cultural and tourism destinations in the city:

The Meewasin Trail (MVA)

One of Saskatoon’s most well-known pastimes is taking a walk along the Meewasin (MVA) Trail. The MVA trail runs along both sides of the South Saskatchewan River and incorporates many parks, natural habitats, businesses, and showcases the natural beauty of Saskatoon. A Secondary MVA trail now runs through our site and i accessible year round unless we are closed for a private event.  We are a mere 5 minute walk from the Parktown Hotel and 20 minutes or less from a wide variety of downtown hotels and restaurants. If you’re staying downtown be sure to take a walk down the trail and experience the rich natural beauty that Saskatoon has to offer, and be sure to visit us along the way!

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