Emerging Artists

What is it?

The Emerging Artists Program offers valuable mentorship to new artists who are entering their careers. Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is committed to providing substantial support during the difficult transition between “emerging” and “emerged.”

Our 2023 Emerging Artists

Katie Blackburn-Dust

Lighting Designer

Katie Blackburn-Dust (she/her) is an emerging theatre artist living and working on Treaty 6 territory. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Saskatchewan, though loves to wear many hats in theatre — including lighting design and stage management…

Luke Von Eschen

Lighting Designer

Luke von Eschen is an emerging artist to the world of theatrical design. Taking the most interest in designing lights when studying at the University of Saskatchewan…

Conor Farrell

Set Designer

Conor (He/Him) is a Canadian designer and artist based out of Saskatoon, SK on the lands of Treaty 6. He completed his degree in theatrical design in the winter of 2019 from the University of Victoria…

Oli Guselle

Apprentice Director

Oli Guselle (they/he/she) is thrilled to make their Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan debut as assistant director for As You Like It. They have their Bachelors of Music from the University of Toronto, and now split their time between Toronto and their hometown of Saskatoon…

Mya Kelln

Apprentice Director

Mya Kelln (she/her) is immensely excited to be joining the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan team as an apprentice director for Romeo + Juliet. Born and raised in Saskatoon, she is currently working towards her BA in History at King’s College London…

Matthew Letkeman

Acting Company

Matthew Letkeman is a Canadian theatre, film, and voice actor. He is beyond pumped to be working with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan this summer…

Rachel McLaughlin

Admin Assistant

Rachel McLaughlin (she/her) is a theatre artist based in Treaty Six Territory and is currently working towards an Honours Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a minor in History through the U of S…

Rebecca Spilchak

Acting Company

Rebecca Spilchak (she/they) couldn’t be more excited to be part of the 2023 company at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. She is currently working towards her BFA at the University of Saskatchewan…

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