George Bajer-Koulack

Designation: Actor


George Bajer-Koulack’s father is a professional musician and he grew up listening to the sounds of top tier musicians rehearsing in his living room. He studied piano for about 8 years when he was a child, but was more motivated to play the drum kit. His first serious performance/recording experiences came from playing in a group called the Klezmer Kids that was organized and rehearsed by His father. After discovering a wonderful book called “West African Rhythms for Drumset” he became much more interested in hand percussion and became quite proficient at the Pandeiro, Congas, Djembe, Cajon and various other percussion instruments. Around this time he also discovered a love for fingerstyle guitar which eventually led him to study Spanish flamenco music very seriously. In 2014 he sang with the University singers, conducted by Elroy Friesen. The experience was so profound that he decided to audition for the voice faculty at the University of Manitoba and embarked on his first bachelor of music degree. In 2018 he took a year off of school to study flamenco guitar in Spain, where he stayed for 8 months, followed by a two month trip to Ghana to study West African Percussion. Following the completion of his first undergrad he moved to Toronto and began playing guitar with flamenco dancers there with the intention of eventually moving back to Spain. However, the pandemic hit and his plans were disrupted, prompting him to shift gears and begin studying Jazz guitar and audition for another bachelor program at the U of M. Since then he has moved back to Winnipeg and is becoming an established Music Teacher and Performer in the community as well as continuing to pursue further studies.