Letters from Fair Verona: WORDS, WORDS, WORDS

words, words words November 15, 2023 POLONIUS: What do you read, my lord?HAMLET: Words, words, words. Hamlet (2.2) Dear Shining Saskatoon,  William Shakespeare was no stranger to words – as far as vocabulary goes, it’s safe to say that the Bard had an expansive one. For only receiving a rather minimal education (by his college-educated […]

Letters from Fair Verona: The Curse of the Scottish Play

The Curse of the Scottish Play October 6, 2023 Dear Shining Saskatoon,  There is something oddly beautiful in the change of seasons, but especially that of summer slowly slipping into fall. It’s macabre, true, to enjoy the changing of leaves as they wither in the cold, crisp autumn air, and fall off the now bone-like […]

Introducing: Letters from Fair Verona

Welcome, weary travellers! September 1, 2023 Dear Shining Saskatoon,  The goal of the 2023 Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival presented by Nutrien was “bringing the light!” to Saskatoon. Not only does this satisfyingly coincide with our city’s mantra of “Saskatoon Shines!”, but it also marks a beginning of a new period — a brighter, lighter […]